About Us

Sikelela Impilo Foundation has four pillars. They are Patient Access, Patient Advocacy, Patient Choice and Patient Education.

Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy is another pillar of Sikelela Impilo Foundation. We advocate for the patients that are illiterate about their disease or condition. Most of Ostomates, Wound and Incontinence patients have comorbidity conditions or disease. They need to know how that affects their Quality of Life.

Patient Access

Focus on Patient Access is aimed at Educating Clinicians about the concept of increasing patients Quality of Life. Clinicians get education in the following areas: How to increase patients Quality of Life, how to make patient education simple so that the patient achieve self-efficacy, Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Benefit, Cost-Utility and Cost- Minimisation. Clinicians education in these areas tend to increase patients Quality of Life.

Patient Education

Patient Education is another pillar of Sikelela Impilo Foundation. This aims to increase Self-Efficacy to patents and their families. Subjects such as compliance, Nutrition and exercise are covered during the patient education.

Patient Choice

Patient Choice is an important aspect of healthcare and should underpin the delivery of a patient-centred health service. When patients are educated, they tend to chose better treatment options for themselves that increase patient quality of life.

Clinicians Education

QALY – Quality Adjusted Life Year:

The quality-adjusted life year or quality-adjusted life-year is a generic measure of disease burden, including both the quality and the quantity of life lived. It is used in economic evaluation to assess the value for money of medical interventions.

QoL – Quality of Life:

Quality of life is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life.

Cost Effectiveness:

The degree to which something is effective or productive in relation to its cost.

Cost Benefits:

Relating to or denoting a process that assesses the relation between the cost of an undertaking and the value of the resulting benefits.