Please read through the information below and fill out the form.

I Pledge:


  • Will a child be burnt or scalded.
  • Will I fail to be careful around fires and hot liquids.
  • Will I fail to teach others about the risks of fire and hot liquids.

In the event of a Burn, I WILL:

  • Extinguish flames by encouraging the patient to STOP, DROP and ROLL, or by applying a blanket, or by using water.
  • Help to stop the burning process by removing loose clothing and jewellery.
  • Use cool running water for 20 minutes to help reduce the temperature of the burn.
  • Wrap the burn in a clean sheet, or clean food wrap and transport to the nearest health facility for medical care.

In the event of a Burn, I WILL NOT:

  • Start first aid before ensuring my own safety (switch off electrical current, avoid chemicals etc)
  • Apply margarine, toothpaste, oil, shoe polish, or peanut butter to the burn.
  • Apply ice to the burn, because it deepens the injury.


  • Never leaving children unattended around open fires, or hot liquids.
  • Always putting cold water in the bath first before adding the hot water.
  • Turning pot handles towards the back of the stove.
  • Placing kettles and cords at the back of the counter.
  • Never holding a child while cooking.
  • Always supervising children near candles, paraffin lamps and portable stoves.
  • Immediately extinguishing wood and coal fires when done using them.
  • Enclosing fires and limiting the height of open flames in domestic environments.
  • Establishing no go zones for children.
  • Avoiding smoking in bed and around children.
  • Helping improve treatment of epilepsy.
  • Avoiding overloading power points and running electrical wires under carpets.
  • Keeping matches and lighters out of the reach of children.

Stop The Burn